Cisco AS5200 - универсальный сервер доступа 

  • One phone number can be used to service and terminate modem and ISDN calls
  • Two Primary Rate Interface (PRI)/T1 lines with integrated CSUs are terminated in the AS5200, meaning a network manager can have up to 48 simultaneous callers terminated in one box
  • Two PRI/E1 lines, for most services outside North America, are terminated in the AS5200 up to 60 simultaneous calls
  • Up to 60 fully managed modems can be installed in the AS5200 to service all calls on both PRI/T1 or PRI/E1 trunks
  • One Ethernet port provides the ability to route data locally
  • Two synchronous serial ports provide the ability to route data to other sites (backhaul)


  • Modems come with a choice of management functionality levels 
  • Router engine is based on the reliable and proven Cisco 2500; over 500,000 of these router engines are deployed in the field
  • Full Cisco Internetwork Operating System (Cisco IOSTM) software support, allowing customers with current Cisco network infrastructures to leverage the training and management investments they have already made
  • Full remote management of the integrated CSUs, router, and modems via the router's command-line interface (CLI), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Bases (MIBs), or a CiscoViewTM graphical user interface (GUI) applet
  • Modular design allows easy implementation of future technology

  • Internal socket for future compression-assist engine

AS5200 Technical Specifications 

Processor Type  20-MHz 68030 
Memory  Up to 16M main DRAM and 16M packet DRAM 
Flash Memory  Up to 16M boot Flash, single or dual bank  
Up to 16M system Flash, single or dual bank 
Chassis Slots 
Ethernet (AUI) 
High-Speed Synchronous Serial 
Asynchronous Serial  Up to 48 (T1) or 60 (E1) 
V.34 Modems  Up to 48 (T1) or 60 (E1) 
Channelized T1 
Other Standard Components  Power supply and cord, one console cable, and two RJ-48C cables 

Техническая поддержка, консультации: yas@int.kiev.ua




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Cisco AS5200 - универсальный сервер доступа  

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